Girl Cooks Food is About…

rustic and wholesome family cooking!


I am ‘Girl Cooks Food’, and this cute guy is the lucky ‘and boy who eats ‘good”.
…for the sake of the rhyme we had to go there. We know it’s well. 😉

Rollingstones 030IMG_8808

Us 🙂


We have been together from 1996, and happily married since 2001.  We are a busy couple balancing two children, full-time jobs, family, friends, travel, and living it up as much as we possibly can.  This can be trying at times when you come from an Italian family! 

We are the party house among our family and friends; we go from having everyone we know over for a birthday bash to having a few friends over enjoying a quiet BBQ. Any way that we can enjoy our life with family and friends..and food, cocktails and good conversation, we are there!

Some of our party photos from over the years:


Also, we have a swank British Shorthair kitty. His name is Gordon Ramsey, and he is not just a looker, but he is real intelligent, too.  (I personally think he is the handsomest boy.)

The oh so regal, Mr Gordon Ramsey, our cat
The oh so regal, Mr Gordon Ramsey, our cat



Well.  This is Girl Cooks Food!  🙂

Thank you for reading and hope you follow along!

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